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Icemakers is your only contact point necessary to ensure a successful test project without any hiccups or interruptions. We assist you throughout every step of the process, and we have more than fifty years of experience of doing just that.

About Icemakers

Our journey as a vehicle proving ground began in the 1970s by turning a landing strip on the lake ice into a test track using only hand-held shovels and brushes. With increasing demand and requirements from our customers during the decades to come, we developed into a full-fledged automotive proving ground with integrated facilities such as workshops, garages and offices. Today we are more than just a proving ground for vehicles and components, providing not just the physical resources but also fifty years’ worth of experience, knowledge and a personal commitment.

Our mission

Our mission is to work together with our customers as a partner, not just as a supplier of goods and services, making sure that they benefit from our knowledge of everything winter testing-related, our vast network of contacts and our experience of quick problem solving. It should be easy and safe for you and your business to come to us in the winter test region to conduct your test project at our vehicle proving ground. Learn more about our mission and history.

Comprehensive Automotive Proving Ground for Car and Vehicle Testing | Icemakers

At our vehicle proving ground,
we provide you with:

Our automotive proving ground includes various test tracks on both land and lake. The tracks provide a controlled environment for testing and evaluating all types of vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, and more, as well as individual components.

Icemakers’ proving ground includes a diverse range of facilities and services to support all your testing activities, including but not limited to, workshops, garages, offices for administrative tasks, and conference rooms for meetings and presentations.

To simulate extreme weather conditions and evaluate vehicle performance in cold environments, our automotive proving ground has multiple cold chambers capable of accommodating vehicles of all sizes.

Recognizing the growing significance of electric vehicles (EVs), our facilities are equipped with a well built-out EV-charging infrastructure. This ensures that electric vehicles can be adequately tested and charged during your stay.

If you require special fuels to facilitate the testing, contact us and we can assist with the procurement.

If you require special equipment, spare parts, tires or the likes, we can assist with the procurement via local and regional partners.

We take pleasure in organizing lodging for our clients while they are visiting the Winter Test Region. We can assist in securing hotel rooms in Arjeplog or Arvidsjaur, providing accommodations in our own apartments, or facilitating the rental of private houses.

We offer project management of both short-term and long-term projects, including planning, organizing, and overseeing the completion of a project.

We can help you with all customs handling you encounter during your visit to the Winter Test Region.

We can assist in acquiring a temporary registration, insurance, and inspection documents for test vehicles to ensure they comply with the regulations and have the required documentation.

We can help book and rent rental cars and reference vehicles during your stay.

We assist with invoice handling from other Swedish suppliers to help you streamline the administrative processes and ensure no hiccups in your financial transactions with suppliers.

We can help arrange events for leisure activities during your spare time, or for customer presentations to showcase products or services.

Welcome to Icemakers and the Winter Test Region. We look forward to seeing you!


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    FAQ – Automotive Proving Ground

    Icemakers have been an active company in the winter testing industry for over 50 years. The journey began in the early 1970s when we turned an aircraft landing strip on the lake ice into our first vehicle test track.

    Icemakers’ mission is to work together with our clients as a partner, not just as a supplier of goods and services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients benefit from our knowledge of everything winter testing-related, our vast network of contacts and our great experience in quick problem-solving

    When visiting Icemakers and the Winter Test Region, you can expect a professional and well-equipped environment for winter testing. Our staff will provide all the support and guidance you need throughout your visit, ensuring a seamless testing experience.

    We offer “hard”, infrastructural resources in the form of workshops, offices, cold chambers, EV-chargers etc as well as “soft”, human resources related to administrative support, project management and contact with local suppliers. Icemakers is your one-stop-shop for everything winter test related and the only contact point you need to ensure a successful test project.

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    We always aim to reply within 24 hours.