Ice & Weather report

Arjeplog today

Temp 1.6 °C

Wind 2.4 m/s

Ice thickness 0 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp 0.4 °C

Wind 0.4 m/s

Ice thickness 0 cm

About us

About Icemakers

Icemakers is the pioneer company of the winter test region in Swedish Lapland. We are a full-service operator, always ready to meet the highest demands of our clients.

Over 45 years of continuous operation in the ice and snow at the Arctic Circle has made us a globally leading winter track constructor and -operator for automotive testing. Our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure allow us to consistently deliver the optimal track layouts and surfaces on both land and lake ice, always tailored to the specific requests of our clients.

Icemakers provides all kinds of test-related services in order to let clients fully focus on their task – to test and improve the products and materials of tomorrow’s vehicle industry.

Business concept

“Icemakers deliver high quality test related services to globally leading companies within the automotive industry, with a personal commitment, aiming for long-term business relationships that will create greater customer value.”

Our group of companies

In every day talk “Icemakers” is one concept, but our operations are divided into a substructure of three different companies:

  • Icemakers AB supplies all kinds of services, except endurance test work. Most of our staff is employed in this company, and machinery and other vehicles necessary to deliver state of the art test services in Arjeplog also belong here.
  • Icemakers Test AB develops new service concepts and target new markets. Endurance test work and connected services are supplied by this company.
  • Icemakers Facilities AB owns land and fixed assets such as buildings, inventories and test tracks.