Ice & Weather report

Arjeplog today

Temp 11 °C

Wind 3.8 m/s

Ice thickness 80 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp 12.2 °C

Wind 3.3 m/s

Ice thickness 85 cm

24 Dec 2021

Service Spotlight - Our Electric Car Infrastructure

The electric vehicle is slowly but surely gaining ground in the automotive industry. It’s not a question of “If”, it’s a question of “when” electric vehicles will make up the majority of vehicles out on the roads. They will play a vital role in the zero emission targets set for 2050, and the industry is gearing up for it, including us at Icemakers.

For this reason, we’ve got a well built-out electric car infrastructure, which we are also making great efforts to continuously expand.

According to Virta’s latest 2022 global electric vehicle guide, the growth in the number of electric vehicles is accelerating, fast. 2021 was already expected from 2020 to be a game changer, where around 6.4 million vehicles, both EVs and PHEVs (Plug-In Electric Vehicles), were expected to be sold globally. 

How we’re supporting the accelerating EV train

Everyone needs to make their contribution if we want to achieve our environmental goals. We do it by providing the proving grounds with a reliable and extensive charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, allowing some of the world-leading EV manufacturers to test their vehicles in a sub-arctic winter environment. 

As with all products around us, EVs need to be thoroughly tested before being released to the public. Winter testing makes up an important part of this process. Why? Because cold weather, snow, and ice make for one of the most challenging environments to drive in. Not to mention the fact that the characteristics of EV batteries change considerably when exposed to cold environments, affecting their performance. 

Icemakers’ electric car infrastructure

We take pride in enabling the automotive industry to develop its vehicles and technical systems of the future. To accommodate them, we’ve built an extensive electric car infrastructure throughout all our facilities.

Here’s what you need to know about our charging infrastructure for electric vehicles:

  • Public fast-charging stations: Icemakers operate fast-charging stations in both Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur, available to the public. Starting in the test season of 2021/-22, our customer may access a new 350kW (CCS2) charging station in Arvidsjaur thanks to a joint venture between us and other testing companies in the region. 
  • 100% clean energy: All electricity in our charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is made up of100% clean energy from water and wind, locally produced in northern Sweden.
  • Extensive charging station network: We expand our electric car infrastructure every year to accommodate more electric vehicles, with greater flexibility in terms of accessibility and capacity. 
  • Multiple charging points: We provide a variety of different charging points with different voltages and currents. Read more about our different charging points and  EV-infrastructure.
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