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Arjeplog today

Temp 11 °C

Wind 3.8 m/s

Ice thickness 80 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp 12.1 °C

Wind 3.3 m/s

Ice thickness 85 cm

18 Feb 2022

The pressing matter of EV infrastructure and EV charging stations in Sweden and the EU

While the number of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars sold in Europe still exceeds EVs sold, the ratio, according to Virta, is expected to shift soon - everywhere. By 2025 it is expected that 1 in 5 new cars sold worldwide will be electric, which will rise to 2 in 5 by 2030. And by 2035 in Europe, it is expected that 100% of all new cars sold will be electric. 

The question is, will the infrastructure of EV charging stations be able to support this rapid deployment? In the end, a common fear among sceptics is the range of EVs, or the impossibility to cover long distances without having to stop and charge, or worse, running out of energy without any car charging stations in near sight.

As the number of electric vehicles grows the development of EV infrastructure and deployment of electric car charging stations will have to follow suit.

Icemakers´ EV charging station infrastructure

At Icemakers, we take great pride in enabling the automotive industry to develop its EV vehicles and technical systems of the future. To accommodate them, we provide a comprehensive network of EV charging points throughout our facilities. Every year, we’re making substantial investments to expand our network of car charging stations further.

Starting in the test season of 2021/-22, our customers may also access a new 350 kW (CCS2) charging station in Arvidsjaur thanks to a joint venture we partook in with other testing companies in the region. Read more about the joint venture.

Benefits of our car charging station infrastructure

100% clean energy: To do our part for the environment, all electricity used throughout our EV charging stations and facilities comes from water and wind, locally produced here in northern Sweden.

Multiple variations of charging points: Throughout our facilities there’s a wide variety of charging points with different voltages and currents. Whether you want or need to charge the vehicles overnight or during the lunch break, we provide convenient and reliable car charging stations to suit your needs, both indoors and outdoors.

The demand for additional EV charging stations

As more electric vehicles begin to roam the roads of Europe and Sweden, we’ll naturally also see an increase in electric car charging stations. The future is undeniably electric and the shift is a necessity to reduce further damage to the climate. Contact us for more information about our EV charging infrastructure, facilities, and winter car test tracks.

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