Ice & Weather report

Arjeplog today

Temp -22.4 °C

Wind 1.7 m/s

Ice thickness 20 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp -18.2 °C

Wind 1.7 m/s

Ice thickness 25 cm

Our Services

Accommodation in Arjeplog & Arvidsjaur

Icemakers - Your Accommodation Partner

We are happy to arrange accommodation for our clients during their stay in the Winter Test Region, whether it is booking of hotel rooms, our own apartments or rental of private houses.

Icemakers owns an apartment building on Drottninggatan in central Arjeplog. Here we can offer eight apartments of modern standard and varying size, able to accommodate up to four people. All of our apartments are decorated in a contemporary Scandinavian style. Five studio apartments were constructed in 2019.

Our apartments all have fully equipped kitchens, a full size bathroom, satellite TV and high speed internet. All apartments have their own parking space in direct connection to the building with outlets for engine block heaters. Some of the apartments also have their own dedicated EV-chargers (up to 3,7 kW). Everyone in the building has free access to the laundry room and sauna.

Ameneties available on our Drottninggatan partment in central Arjeplog

The central location of the apartments means easy access and walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants and other services in Arjeplog. This also means that your workplace is never more than a 10-minute drive away.

Other Accommodation - Hotels & private houses

Considering the small local population, there is a large amount of accomodation options to choose from. As an example, in the near vicinity of Arjeplog there are over 8 hotels, despite the local population only consisting of around 2 700 people. During the winter season the hotels in Arjeplog experience more than 84 000 guest nights. Within Arjeplog municipality there are over 1 200 hotel rooms, resulting in roughly 0.4 hotel rooms per local inhabitant. The corresponding number for Las Vegas, the city with the most hotel rooms in the world, is 0.2.

However, the hotels are only one part of the hospitality industry. During the winter test season it is very common for the local homeowners to rent out their own homes to the visiting winter testers. They themselves usually move into their summerhouses and caravans for the duration of the winter.

This means that there is a wide selection of alternatives to suit any need and make everyone’s stay in the Winter Test Region as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

In addition to the state of the art winter test facilities , test tracks and the extensive charging infrastructure, the multitude of accommodation options make the Winter Test Region the obvious choice for your development of the vehicles of the future.

Why choose Icemakers as your winter test partner?

There’s more to see than just the inside of a workshop! Outside, off the well-prepared test track, a vast and untouched wilderness makes a winter wonderland just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Icemakers works as a full-service partner for our customers, supplying not only winter test facilities and accommodation, but a large variety of services connected to your stay in the Winter Test Region.

With our extensive contact network and partnerships with local suppliers we can find the right solutions for you. Whether you want to do activities outside of work such as dog-sledding, snowmobile tours or go on a moose safari, we can assist you in your booking. Would you require transfer to and from the airport or are you in need of rental cars? We can help you arrange it.

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