Ice & Weather report

Arjeplog today

Temp 14.7 °C

Wind 1.9 m/s

Ice thickness 80 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp 15.7 °C

Wind 2.7 m/s

Ice thickness 85 cm

Our Services

Endurance Testing of Vehicles

Endurance test projects, undertaken to analyze vehicle behaviour and characteristics in cold climate conditions, are an important part of our business. Icemakers have great experience in coordinating both short- and long term projects of this nature and can help find the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Why choose Icemakers as your endurance testing partner?

Icemakers work as a full-service partner and are happy to assist you with these tasks in conjunction with your endurance test project:

Experienced Test Drivers

Icemakers can take responsibility for recruiting test drivers with extensive experience of working in endurance test projects and great local knowledge. We also handle the scheduling and other personnel-related administration.

Route Planning

Endurance test projects are usually carried out on public roads, in order to accumulate mileage on the test vehicles and evaluate their overall performance, or the performance of specific components or systems. The vast public road network in the Winter Test Region offers a wide selection of testing environments, ranging from city traffic to remote and winding mountain roads. Depending on the specifications outlined by the customer, Icemakers can assist in finding suitable routes for any endurance test project.

Project Coordination

Icemakers can take care of coordinating your project, working as a central connection point between you and other parties involved in the project, such as local suppliers of goods and services needed for the operation.


Icemakers can help you with the administration needed before, during and after the project. Logistics, customs handling, temporary Swedish registration of test vehicles and handling of third-party invoices are just a few examples of administrative duties we can assist you with.

Access to Workshops & Offices

Our main facility specifically adapted for endurance test projects is located in central Arvidsjaur. The facility includes two fully equipped workshop units with integrated offices and social spaces. It also offers access to EV-charging and cold chambers and is the perfect hub for endurance testing in the Winter Test Region.

We can also help with securing access to facilities in other parts of Sweden, upon our customers’ request.

Mechanical Assistance

Should the need arise, Icemakers can provide mechanical assistance from qualified professionals in the local area. Our extensive contact network and partnerships with local suppliers allow us to find quick and effective solutions, with minimal impact on your time schedule.

Other Services

In our role as a one-stop-shop for everything winter test related, we are also happy to assist with the organization of activities not directly connected to the test protocol itself. We can help you arrange accommodation, transfers to and from the airport, car rentals or booking of activities outside work, to name a few examples. Our main priority is to help make your stay in the Winter Test Region as enjoyable and satisfying as possible both in terms of work and personal experiences, and we are by your side to make sure that happens. 


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