Ice & Weather report

Arjeplog today

Temp 4.5 °C

Wind 4.9 m/s

Ice thickness 0 cm

Arvidsjaur today

Temp 3.2 °C

Wind 2.2 m/s

Ice thickness 0 cm

Our services

Event Facilities

Event House

Our spectacular event house is the perfect venue for hosting exclusive presentations, conferences, lunches and dinners. The house is built as a modern iteration of a traditional log cabin and offers panoramic views of Lake Kakel just outside the window. Inside is a large, open and airy space offering great flexibility to suit any event. Just outside the door is a generous parking area with an exclusive access road to the lake tracks

Amenities at the Event House

Event house is ideal for hosting presentations and is loaded amenities and parking access as well

Pipudden House

This beautiful lakeside house is located in direct proximity of the lake track area, providing easy access to the lake ice tracks for event groups or for work purposes. This multi-purpose house offers space for living, working and hosting events such as product presentations, larger meetings, dinner parties etc - all within the same package! Pipudden House is rented out January 15th - March 15th

Amenities at Pipudden House 

Facilities available at the lakeside pipudden house


Hunting Lodge

A snowball's throw away (~50m) from Pipudden House lies the Hunting Lodge, beautifully nestled in a small clearing. The timber lodge is a perfect space for hosting dinner parties, mingles or presentations in an intimate, secluded and cozy atmosphere. 

The lodge can be rented for exclusive access for longer periods of time, preferably together with the Pipudden House.

Amenities at the Hunting Lodge

Icemakers lodge amenities include fireplace, lunch and dining arrangement and much more

Large Wooden Hut

With its location at the shoreline of Lake Kakel, with immediate access to the lake ice tracks, this hut is the perfect place to comfortably host a group of 20 – 40 people in combination with work or other activities on the lake track area.

The hut may be used as a lunch or dining space and/or for presentations and other meetings. The beautiful surrondings, rustic feel and open fireplace inside the hut make for a very intimate and wholesome atmosphere regardless of the event.

Amenities at the Large Wooden Hut

 Large Wooden Hut located at the shoreline of Lake Kakel with full amenities