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Winter Tyre Testing by Icemakers

The Aspects of Winter Tyre Testing

Aside from car manufacturers and OEMs, many of the world's leading tyre manufacturers flood the Winter Test Region during the winter season to perform crucial R&D work on their upcoming products. Authentic testing in a real-world environment forms a crucial part of the development process, as a tyre’s properties cannot be fully optimized solely through computer modelling. The performance limits of a tyre isn’t found in a computer, rather through relentless and thorough exposure to the natural elements at the Arctic Circle. If a tire can perform well here, it will be able to do it anywhere.

In the end, it’s all about being able to guarantee reliable and predictable winter tyres, giving the driver confidence and peace of mind even in the most difficult weather conditions. The wheels are the only direct contact points between the vehicle and the outside world, and their performance has a huge impact on the overall behaviour of the whole vehicle. 

Tyre testing requires extreme precision in all stages of the test process, as repeatability is of utmost importance. The same tests need to be carried out under the same conditions many times in order to yield reliable and comparable results. From our perspective, we need to provide test surfaces of the highest quality, tailored to the very specific requests for each test. Then, we need to do it consistently enough so that the conditions can be replicated day after day. It takes serious experience and know-how to achieve this, and we will make it happen.

What Icemakers Can Offer

We have experience of operating integrated test centers used exclusively by leading tyre manufacturers and know all aspects of winter tyre testing inside and out. With Icemakers, you will find a partner that is well aware of the challenges and requirements that go into developing and testing tyres in some of the most demanding winter conditions to be found on the planet.  

We offer both land- and lake tracks suitable for tyre testing, also available for short-term clients. Regardless of whether the surface is ice, snow or asphalt we have the expertise and technical infrastructure necessary to provide consistent, high quality testing surfaces tailored to the very specific requirements of our customers. 

In addition to the test areas themselves, we can also provide all the needed support infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation and a successful outcome of the test project. We offer all technical equipment needed for handling, mounting, balancing and maintaining tyres, storage space, workshops and offices. We can also provide personnel to help with practical tasks throughout the project, such as tyre changing/balancing, allowing our customers to fully focus on the testing and analysis.

When performing your winter tyre test project together with Icemakers, you will get access to:

  • Both land- and lake tracks with high quality test surfaces allowing for repeatable tyre tests
  • Our long experience as a service provider for winter tyre testing 
  • Offices, workshops and storage areas fitted with all necessary technical equipment
  • Cold chambers suitable for both vehicles and tyres
  • Skilled and experienced staff to support you with practical tasks throughout the project
  • Additional support on site prior to and during the test project

Icemakers is the one-stop-shop for all your winter testing requirements and the only contact point necessary for the success of your test project. We will be more than happy to assist you throughout the entirety of the process. We can also aid you in arranging accommodation, car rentals, transfers to and from the airport as well as booking activities outside work, just to name a few examples.

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