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Winter automotive endurance tests are a key aspect of our enterprise, assisting automotive manufacturers – cars, buses, trucks, and more – in investigating the behavior and attributes of their vehicles, components, and systems in frigid weather conditions. Icemakers boast vast experience in managing both short- and long-term projects of this kind and can aid in finding the best solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.

The Significance of Automotive Endurance Testing

Endurance tests are essential for the automotive industry to assess the durability and performance of vehicles in challenging environments. Automotive endurance tests emulate real-world usage, subjecting the vehicles to rigorous testing to pinpoint potential weaknesses. The testing encompasses prolonged periods of driving, covering significant distances, and subjecting the vehicles to a variety of demanding road conditions, altitudes, temperatures, and weather situations.

Endurance tests in the automotive industry permit manufacturers to confirm that their vehicles comply with industry norms and consumer expectations by validating their quality, reliability, safety, and functionality. By performing comprehensive and repetitive tests, manufacturers can recognize areas for improvement to make necessary adjustments and enhance their vehicles’ overall performance

Seasoned Test Drivers

Icemakers can assume responsibility for hiring test drivers with good experience in automotive endurance testing. We can also manage the scheduling and other personnel-related administrative tasks.

Route planning

Automotive endurance test projects typically occur on public roads, aiming to accumulate mileage on the test vehicles and assess their overall performance or specific components or systems. The extensive public road network in the Winter Test Region offers a broad variety of testing environments, from urban traffic to secluded and winding mountain roads. Depending on the customer’s specifications, Icemakers can help identify suitable routes for any automotive endurance test project.

Project coordination

Icemakers can oversee the coordination of your project, functioning as a central connection point between you and other parties participating in the project, such as local providers of goods and services needed for the automotive testing process.


Icemakers can assist you with the necessary administration before, during, and after the project. Logistics, customs handling, temporary Swedish registration of test vehicles, and processing of third-party invoices are a few examples of administrative tasks we can help you with.

Access to workshops & offices

Our main facility, specifically adapted for endurance tests in the automotive industry, is situated in central Arvidsjaur. The facility comprises two fully equipped workshop units with integrated offices and social spaces. It also offers access to EV-charging and cold chambers and serves as an ideal hub for endurance testing in the Winter Test Region.

We can also assist in securing access to facilities in other parts of Sweden, based on our customers’ requests.

Mechanical assistance

Should the need arise, Icemakers can provide mechanical assistance from qualified professionals in the local area. Our broad contact network and partnerships with local suppliers enable us to find swift and effective solutions, with minimal impact on your schedule.

Additional Services

In our role as a comprehensive solution for all things winter test related, we’re happy to assist with all activities not directly linked to the automotive testing process itself. We can aid you in arranging accommodation, airport transfers, car rentals, or booking of leisure activities, among other things.

Our main priority is to ensure your automotive endurance testing is successful and to make your stay in the Winter Test Region as enjoyable and satisfying as possible both professionally and personally.


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    FAQ – Endurance Test in Automotive Industry

    The Winter Test Region offers a vast public road network with a wide selection of testing environments. This includes city traffic, remote areas, and winding mountain roads, allowing for comprehensive evaluations of vehicle performance and specific components or systems. Our main endurance testing hub of Arvdisjaur has easy and quick access to all these types of roads, making it an ideal base of operations.

    Icemakers can assist with various tasks throughout the project. This includes handling logistics, customs, temporary Swedish registration of test vehicles, and processing third-party invoices. We provide comprehensive administrative support to ensure a streamlined testing process.

    Yes, we have the necessary experience and contacts needed for setting up projects in other parts of the country, should we get a specific request from a customer.

    Icemakers serves as a one-stop-shop for everything winter test-related. In addition to test coordination and administration, we can assist with things such as arranging accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, vehicle rentals and booking leisure activities to enhance the overall experience during your stay in the Winter Test Region

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