Powering the Winter Test Region

At Icemakers, we take great pride in enabling the automotive industry to develop its vehicles and technical systems of the future.

As the automotive industry is experiencing a great shift towards electric propulsion, automated driving, and related systems – we have to adapt. A significant part of all test vehicles today are electric and they will continue to increase in the coming years.

To accommodate them, we have a well built-out electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EV infrastructure) and offer the possibility for EV Charging throughout all our facilities. We are also making substantial annual investments to expand this network even further.

From the very beginning in the early 1970s onwards, we have always been at the forefront of technological innovation together with our clients. It is essential for us not just to keep up with the ever-changing demands and requirements of the vehicle industry as it moves forward, but rather trying to be one step ahead in developing the EV infrastructure and solutions needed not just today, but tomorrow.

Winter Car Testing | Icemakers

Benefits of icemakers EV charging infrastructure

100% clean energy

All electricity used throughout our EV charging infrastructure facilities comes from water and wind, locally produced here in northern Sweden.

Extensive charging station network

Every year, our EV charging infrastructure is expanded to accommodate more electric vehicles, with greater flexibility in terms of accessibility and charging capacity.

Multiple variations of charging points

Throughout our facilities and around our Winter car testing region, you’ll have access to a variety of charging points with different voltages and currents. Whether you want to charge the vehicles overnight or during your lunch break, we offer easily accessible and reliable charging points to suit your needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Available Charging Points

EV charging Point | Icemakers

The importance of EV winter stress testing

Snowy environments with low temperatures are some of the harshest conditions to be in, for both humans and electric vehicles. It changes the playing field for electric vehicles in many ways, affecting their performance. This includes (among other factors) faster battery depletion and longer charging times.

The future is undeniably electric. Pioneering EV technologies and related systems are constantly being developed and the use of electric vehicles is increasing all over the world – including the cold environments of the north. Cold climate testing is an essential part when developing the electric vehicles of tomorrow, and here at Icemakers you will find your ideal testing environment.

Contact Icemakers to learn more about our EV charging infrastructure, facilities, and car test tracks.


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