Our land tracks

Icemakers main land track facility is located at Pipudden, 8 kilometers east of Arjeplog at the foot of Galtispouda mountain. The testing grounds are easily reached by car within 10 minutes from central Arjeplog and Icemakers HQ at Maskinvägen. The land track area is in close proximity to the lake test tracks.

Land Test track | Icemakers

Split-µ straight track

Car running on Land testing tracks | Icemakers

At the Pipudden land track facility we offer:

  • Split-µ straight track; 800 m long including heated asphalt (150 x 3 m), natural ice (150 x 3 m) on one side and packed snow on the other.
  • Three test hills with packed snow at 10, 15 and 20% incline.

At Icemakers HQ we have two test hills. One split friction hill with both heated asphalt and packed snow at 20% inclination, and one with a packed snow surface with a 15% incline.

Split friction is a road condition that occurs when the friction significantly differs between the left and right wheel tracks. These test conditions are suitable for development, testing and calibration of systems such as ABS, ESP and all-wheel drive.

Land handling track

Icemakers also offer a land handling track within a short driving distance from the Pipudden facility.

This track is designed to simulate Scandinavian back roads. The land handling test track features a total of 10 corners with radiae between 20-100m, offering a good variation between low- and high speed sections. This handling course is excellent for testing vehicle dynamics, chassis setups and traction control, among other applications.

The land handling test track has a width of 6m, a length of 2440m. The elevation loss and gain is ± 30 meters/lap with the steepest incline at 10%.

Icemakers can, in close cooperation with you, design and implement various special tracks solutions for specific test applications. For more information about special tracks, click here.

The advantages of using land testing tracks in complement to lake test tracks is the opportunity to start the winter test season much sooner. Testing at our land tracks may start in late November. In January, additional possibilities open up with our lake test tracks.

Icemakers operate land based tracks on a few more locations around Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur for specially contracted clients with exclusive access.

Our land tracks, such as split-friction hills and split-friction straight tracks are all heated with 100% renewable energy from water and wind, locally produced here in Swedish Lapland. The same goes for all the electricity in all of our facilities.

We built the first split-µ land track in 1984 for Bosch. It was the first artificially frozen/heated test track in the Winter Test Region, using electric coils embedded in the asphalt for high-µ along with a refrigerant-based cooling system for low-µ. You can read more about our historical milestones here.


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