Looking for hotels for winter car testing?

Contact Icemakers. We can arrange your accommodation during your stay in the Winter Test Region according to your needs, wishes, and demands. We can help arrange rooms in hotels for winter car testing in Arjeplog or Arvidsjaur, in our own apartments, or rental of private houses – whatever accommodation you need, want, or prefer.

Hotels near car test tracks in Arjeplog

There are multiple hotels near our car test tracks in Arjeplog; however, because there are a limited number of hotel rooms (around 1 200 rooms spread across over 8 hotels in Arjeplog), many locals also rent their homes to auto industry employees. 

Here are a few hotels near the car test tracks in Arjeplog that we can help arrange rooms for:

  • Simloc Hotel
  • Hotel Lyktan
  • Hornavan Hotel
  • Hotel Silverhatten

Icemakers’ apartments

If you’re looking for a cheaper and more convenient alternative than a hotel in Arjeplog, we own an apartment building on Drottninggatan in central Arjeplog. Here are eight modern apartments in varying sizes, each one able to accommodate up to four people, decorated in a contemporary Scandinavian style. The central location of our apartments means you have easy access and walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and other services in Arjeplog. It also means that your workplace (our test tracks) is never more than a 10-minute drive away.


Our apartments include:

  • fully equipped kitchens
  • full-sized bathrooms
  • satellite TV
  • high-speed internet
  • your own parking space in direct connection to the building with outlets for engine block heaters
  • free access to laundry room and sauna.

Some of the apartments also have their own dedicated EV-chargers (up to 37 kW).

Private houses

During high season, the hotels in Arjeplog, Sweden, may quickly fill up. Because of this, many local residents also rent out their homes. They themselves move into their summer houses and caravans for the duration of the winter. 

If this type of accommodation is more to your liking, we can help you find a place to stay that fits your requirements regarding location, size, and budget. 

Icemakers – Your accommodation partner

Whether you prefer hotels for your winter car testing activities, an apartment, or a regular-sized house, we can help. Contact us and we can help you find the perfect accommodation during your stay in the Winter Test Region based on your needs, wishes, and requirements.