With more than 40 years of experience, we are well aware of the high quality of service expected by our customers. We cooperate closely with your staff and organise all the services needed to make your next presentation or event a success.

Icemakers can offer you:

  • All-inclusive activity programs
  • Complete logistics solutions
  • All clothing and equipment needed for the activities

We have the machines, vehicles and staff to assist with for instance loading/unloading of goods, transporting spare parts to and from the airport, transporting a vehicle to another test site or back to the country of origin.

With our excellent local knowledge we can assist with booking the best accommodation for your stay in the area. Choose from hotel accommodation, private villas or apartments.

To be able to fully focus on the test project, we offer to take care of otherwise time-consuming administrative tasks, for example locating suppliers and applying for temporary registration of vehicles.

Whether you would like coffee and pastries or a full dinner, we can help arrange a suitable catering concept together with one of our professional local suppliers.

Anyone not used to driving on snow will benefit from training. We can arrange a driver-training program with experienced instructors, improving handling techniques to limit risk-taking.

In our Vehicle Endurance Test workshop we have experienced staff and the right tools to help out with for example turning, cutting or welding if your vehicle needs to be quickly repaired.


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