Why durability test needs to be done in the freezing north?

Thermal performance profiling, emission testing, durability test and tyre performance are only a few examples of the broad testing services we promote should be done at freezing temperature. However, this article will focus on the durability test. Why should you perform such a test and why in the northern parts of Sweden?


What is a durability test?

While performing a durability test, you find out the lifespan of the vehicle. How durable is the battery, the engine and the chassis? Vehicles are exposed to many different environments and extreme conditions. You would want the car to have the same performance on paved roads as well as on gravel 𑁋 and of course even in cold weather. 


Accelerated durability test at Icemakers

We are placed in the northern parts of Sweden for a reason. With guaranteed freezing and cold weather conditions, it is the perfect place to test a vehicle’s performance at Icemakers. But how can you test a vehicle’s durability?


  • Chassis scrape tracks. Since materials become more fragile in cold temperatures, our chassis scrape tracks are perfect for testing the durability of a vehicle’s underbody against force scraping. Our tracks consist of ice-constructed obstacles at different heights to suit a variety of vehicles. 
  • Pothole track. The pothole track can test various of systems in the car and is suitable for more purposes than the test of a vehicle’s durability. The track’s purpose is to stimulate driving on badly maintained roads. Driving on bumpy roads affects the performance of the suspension, but also the chassis and other systems. It is essential to test how the vehicle is reacting to different road conditions even in cold weather since different parts are affected. 
  • Torque hill track. Torque hill track exposes different parts of the chassis with different degrees of force by driving on snow and ice slopes. The purpose is to test the strength and rigidity of the chassis under an uneven load in cold temperatures.


Without tests in all kinds of weather conditions, you cannot know the durability of a vehicle. Both different materials and electronics react differently depending on whether, and a durable car at 20-celsius degrees may not be able to withstand the same forces in another environment.


3 advantages of performing a durability test at Icemakers

We are placed in the northern parts of Sweden for a reason. We, therefore, give you three advantages of performing an accelerated durability test in Arjeplog, Sweden. 

  • Guaranteed good winter conditions. Regardless of disruptions caused by low pressure, there are guaranteed freezing and cold weather conditions during the period between November and March. 
  • Wide range of testing tracks. With a wide range of test courses, you can perform different types of tests with the aim of seeing how the vehicle behaves on slippery surfaces and in cold temperatures. Whether it’s the chassis or the battery performance in an EV, we can provide you with what you need.
  • All-in-one. We offer our clients accommodation as well as event facilities for you and your team. Our event facilities are perfect for conferences, dinners or presentations, and all members of your team can have a good night’s sleep in our accommodation.