Extended Winter Testing Season | Icemakers

Why you Should Consider the Extended Winter Testing Season

As the frost begins to settle and winter approaches, the world of winter testing enters its most anticipated phase. Yet, while many flock to testing facilities during the traditional peak season of mid-February to mid-March, there’s a hidden gem in the broader spectrum of the winter testing calendar. At Icemakers, we’re here to shed light on the extensive opportunities that lie in the extended winter testing season.

Why Consider the Extended Season?

  • Less Crowded, More Focused: Outside the peak season, our facilities are less congested. This means more track time, personalized attention, and the ability to conduct tests without the usual rush. For teams looking for a meticulous and detailed testing session, these off-peak times are ideal.
  • Diverse Weather Conditions: Winter isn’t a static season. The early and late winter months offer a variety of weather conditions, providing a unique testing ground for different scenarios. This diversity is crucial for comprehensive testing, especially for vehicles and equipment for varied winter climates.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With lower demand comes the advantage of competitive pricing. Utilizing our facilities during these times can be more budget-friendly, allowing for more extensive testing or allocation of resources to other important areas of development.
  • Easier Accommodation Availability: During off-peak seasons, finding accommodation near testing facilities becomes significantly easier. This not only reduces logistical challenges but also potentially lowers the cost of stay for the testing team. It’s a great opportunity for teams to plan a thorough testing schedule without worrying about the high demand and prices typically associated with peak season stays

Longer Testing Season at Icemakers: What to Expect

At Icemakers, we’ve embraced the full span of the winter testing season, extending our services beyond the typical peak window. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Extended Availability: Our facilities are operational longer, offering flexibility for scheduling tests according to your project timelines. The Ice Lake Tracks are available from January to the beginning of April, depending on weather conditions. In contrast, the Land Tracks are accessible from November to April, providing a wide range of options for different testing requirements.
  • Varied Testing Environments: From the crisp, early winter chill to the thawing conditions of late winter, our tracks and testing zones adapt, providing a range of environments for thorough evaluation and development.
  • Expert Support Throughout: Our team of experts remains on hand throughout the extended season, ensuring that the quality of support and technical expertise is consistent, no matter when you choose to test.

Embrace the Full Spectrum of Winter

At Icemakers, we encourage our clients to look beyond the conventional peak season and explore the full potential of the extended winter testing period. By doing so, you can gain a competitive edge, enjoy cost-effective solutions, and leverage diverse testing conditions that only the full breadth of winter can offer.

As we gear up for another winter, consider stepping outside the peak season box. Embrace the extended winter testing season, and discover how it can benefit your projects and products in ways you never imagined.